Some VFR operations restored -- from AOPA

Some VFR operations restored

Boyer’s town meeting interrupted with good news that FAA gives partial relief for VFR operations
Wednesday, September 19, 2001 8:20:58 PM — While conducting a Pilot Town Meeting in Columbus, Ohio, AOPA President Phil Boyer was called by his staff, advising him that a notam had just been released by the FAA authorizing the limited return of Part 91 VFR flights. “This is an crucial step in restoring the nation’s important general aviation system. Rest assured the effort isn’t finished,” said Boyer.
VFR is now permitted for U.S. registered aircraft outside of “enhanced” Class B airspace; that is, Class B airspace within the lateral limits from the surface to infinity. No VFR flights are permitted over the top of Class B airspace, nor are VFR operations permitted from airports and airspace “under the shelf” of Class B airspace. In addition, several Temporary Flight Restrictions remain in effect.

Under the FAA notam, VFR flight training operations are prohibited. However, AOPA has been advised by the FAA that this will be discussed at a meeting with the White House on Thursday morning. In addition, restrictions continue to apply to banner towing, traffic watch/reporting, airship/blimps, and news reporting.

It is imperative that pilots receive a full briefing from FSS or DUATS and familiarize themselves with the text of the notam