Skywatch added after delivery?

Does anyone know if the Skywatch is easy or hard (expensive) to add to a Cirrus after-the-fact, or is this something you really want to get installed at the factory if you are going to get it?

Any actual experience with this out there? Thanks!

There are alternatives to the Skywatch. I did not get Skywatch as a factory option. I would like to see how the Mode S Garmin 330 transponder works with the Avidyne display.

I understand the new Garmin 330 will be about $5,000. This is a lot less than Skywatch and will show traffic data from ATC radars. I don’t think there is an Avidyne display interface yet, but if Cirrus offers the Garmin 330 transponder as a factory option there probably will be one.

On the Skywatch front, Cirrus is reportedly working on a Skywatch “kit” for installation at Cirrus Service Centers. I have no information as to when this is available, or whether it requires the purchase of a brand new Skywatch. Goodrich Avionics is offering factory reconditioned Skywatch units that were replaced by Skywatch HP units at a substantial discount. If Cirrus would sell a “kit” consisting of wiring harness, mounting brackets and instructions, such a reconditioned Skywatch could be used.

I will be at Oshkosh late next month and have more information then.

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I understand the new Garmin 330 will be about $5,000.

If made available by Cirrus, it will replace the GTX-327, and the price differential is about $3,000. For those trading up, the GTX-327 is easy to sell. They appear on eBay all the time, and typically sell for $1,500+.
The Skywatch is clearly a superior solution, but at $21,500 it is seven times more expensive than what the Mode-S/GTX-330 option will be. Goodrich may very well have to lower their price when the GTX-330 sales start kicking in.