Screw tearing out copilot seat headrest material

We have a 2006 SR22GTS owned since new and notice that a small screw is tearing the rear outboard headrest material on the copilot seat. Looking for any insight as to what is its there for and why it might be causing this damage? Thanks.

Picture of the issue/location would be helpful…

From co-pilot’s door:


Is it a screw head backing out of the co-pilot door?

Good question…that I can’t answer just yet. My plane partner identified the issue and I am posting about it without seeing it first hand. I will report back. Thank you!

According to my plane partner, it is a bolt head in a vertical direction within the seat.

Not enough information, or a good enough picture. Is the bolt inside the seat or outside the seat?

It is inside the seat working its way out of the seat.

You’d have to remove the seat cover and tighten the bolt. Put some threadlocker compound on the threads so it stays in. Removing the seat cover isn’t easy to explain. You kind have to roll it off inside out like a sock.

Thank you. Do you know what that bolt is attaching? Is it the headrest structure?


Or seat belt guide…

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That helps - thank you very much!