Getting from the airport can be a real aggravation. I recently came across this comparison of electric scooters. Does anyone have any experience with these or others?,23009,3512159,00.html


I actually demoed a the Segway last month. I almost bit the bullet on two of them, but decided to wait for the smaller and lighter version (think that it is the “p” model) that is due out shortly. This newer machine weighs in at 62 lbs so two of them just slide in under the 130lb baggage compartment limit. The bigger Segway was almost $5000. I am not sure where the smaller unit will come in at, but I suspect that it will be more than $4000 per…a lot more than a scooter, but also a much more comfortable trip…these things are way cool:)…


I say forget the segway, and the overpriced, overweight, underperforming, limited range, electric scooters and get the razorback gas-powered scooter., (plus a zillion other places sell them on the internet…search for gas-powered scooter). Search for best price, I paid $190…a buddy found one for $150. Sellers will usually negotiate.

They weigh 32 lbs, and I easily fit two of them in the back of my Piper Warrior. On a quart of gas, I go about 40 miles, at 25 mph. Fill it with avgas if you like and pour a little two cycle oil in the tank. These are like chainsaw size engines…just eyeball the mix and it’ll run fine. Or, carry a little can of gas in the plane (that’s what I do). Even a bulky suitcase rides easily on the foot platform (the “deck”)…I just put my legs over my bag and use a bungie cord to hold it tight. Since buying them, I have used one to commute my ten blocks to work everyday. It’s faster than my car, dirt cheap, no daily parking fee. And it’s a blast to ride. It has a little seat, so you aren’t standing the whole time like on a segway, knocking your head against tree limbs. It’s small enough, you can lock it to any street sign or parking meter. Would you ever feel comfortable leaving a $4000 segway on the street??

I replaced the pull starter cord on both of them with a heavier cord, after the cord on one broke. They require regular tightening of screws, etc, but no big deal. Models are available with electric starts, bigger engines, etc, but will end up weighing twice as much.

Are there any fumes from the gas being inside the plane? Are there any FARs that prohibit this? It sounds lilke a great idea - I’ve seen kids using these and while loud they seem to get the job done.

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I say forget the segway, and the overpriced, overweight, underperforming, limited range, electric scooters

And I say forget the segway, and the overpriced, overweight, underperforming, limited range, electric scooters AND razorback gas-powered scooters and get some REAL individual transportation…

(The guy doesn’t look too jazzed about hitting those buttons, does he?)


I haven’t seen anything under 229.00 for the 36cc Razorback Scooter. Where your buddy get his?

Well, Gordon’s version relies on nitrogen and hydrogen peroxide…

Seriously, I am not aware of any FAA restrictions that prevent you from carrying fuel in a proper container. I put a little mixed gas (maybe a quart…whatever I think I’ll need) in a 1 gallon plastic gas can. Maker sure you open the vent cap for pressure changes. I have never noticed an odor, even with the vent cap open (maybe put cotton in the vent to prevent sloshing out). I’ve also flown with the fuel in the scooter tank…I’ve never had a spill, since the tight fit in the luggage keeps the scooter upright. I did spill some fuel in my car trunk once and it smelled for days. The odor is very noticable, so you would have plenty of warning to land if you got a spill in the cabin.

Anyway, if you are really concerned about it, you can take your fuel from your plane tanks after you land and just dribble a little two cycle oil in the scooter tank. If you think you’ll need more fuel, carry a little avgas gas (unmixed) in a small container. What you don’t use, goes back in the plane. (DO NOT, of course, pour any mixed fuel back in the plane)

I love the two little scooters we have and they are perfect for those locations where the airport is not too far from the destination. Four to five miles is about the comfortable limit, though I’ve ridden one up to 12 miles. I’ve taken them to places like Cape May, NJ, Cape Cod, Oshkosh (they weren’t permitted inside the grounds at Oshkosh, but we used them to go back and forth from our sleeping accomodations)


…before forget Cirrus also…

How much range w/o reserve??

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How much range w/o reserve??

Depends on whether you kick in your own auxiliary jets. I think the relevant acronym is FATO.

Well, I thought I got a good deal at $190…I talked her down from 230, because I was buying two. But then they charged me with $30 apiece shipping charge. Oh well…

Maybe you can talk the $229 seller into charging no shipping…

You will get your best deals on E-Bay. Just look us “scooter” I don’t have one but I’m thinking about it. 40" x 17" will they fit?
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