RTI / NASA Flight Experiment

RTI International is conducting an experiment to evaluate the use of new display concepts in a general aviation cockpit. The results will help produce procedures and guidelines for the design and use of such concepts. The experiment will replicate a typical general aviation flight with characteristics similar to a Piper Malibu. This experiment is designed for instrument rated pilots with flight times of 500 or less hours and 500-1,000 hours, and current per the Code of Federal Regulations.

During the 4-5 hours of your session, you will be asked to fill out a pilot knowledge questionnaire and then you will be briefed and trained on the operation of the simulator and experimental display system. Once training is complete, you will be given information required for you to plan a flight from a specific airport location to another location according to instrument flight plan procedures. You will then fly the planned route in the simulator. After completion of the flight, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get your immediate reaction to the display system. You will also be interviewed following a strict structured interview procedure. Your performance and responses to the questions will be held in strict confidence.
Please respond to Doree Fitzhugh, dgc@rti.org, for further information.

Thank you.