Reiff Preheat

I know it is summer…Is Cirrus Design still installing Reiff Preheat System at the factory? Have not been able to reach Chris Dixon at CD, certainly too busy for small matters such as this. Also, has CD installed GPSS on S-TEC 30 to anyone’s knowledge?
Any news on upgrades on the Sandel, silly buying one now when the “new and improved” is coming up soon. Ditto Transponder. I guess this will be the plague of the new aviation/computer age.

I e-mailed Sandel and the reply was, “We have no set schedule” for the new and improved Sandel

Gordon Feingold has worked directly with Sandel on this.
We need his input to get clarification.

Regarding the “new” Sandel 3308 with improved lighting:

Click here to see my recent post about the new lighting technology. My best guess is that we’ll see it some time between September and December this year.