Quick Tip: Aeronautical Map with AutoHighlight in ForeFlight

Most all pilots began flying with a Sectional Chart, initially on paper and for most now on an EFB. Lots of info on a Sectional… maybe too much. This video is a quick introduction to what seems largely undiscovered by many ForeFlight pilots… the Aeronautical Map, including the use of the Airspace AutoHighlight feature. Have you tried the Aeronautical Map (without the Sectional overlaid)? And with AutoHighlight of airspace? Your thoughts on pros/cons versus the Sectional?
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the flight!
Wayne, GeezerGeek Pilot

It requires an upgraded FF Plus subscription. For me it is not a $50 feature

Thanks, John. I had forgotten that the legacy non-Plus subscriptions don’t provide the Aeronautical map. It’s clearly a matter of taste, but for me the reduced clutter and especially the AutoHighlight of airspace is worth the upgrade cost… add to that the Profile view and geo-referenced Plates, and the Pro Plus is pretty darn attractive.

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I’m not sure that’s correct.

I have the most basic Foreflight subscription and the Aeronautical Chart is on it.

As you can see, airspace is shown. There is no Hazard Function available at this level. Not sure what hazards that would show were it available. Of course, the biggest hazard in any airplane is the pilot. :wink:

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The plates/ map are geo referenced

John, personally for me the upgrade to Plus was worth it.
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