Hello all! Down to the wire on an 04 purchase. Looking for comments, wisdom, guidance, etc. Anyone who has made a purchase analysis between the 22 and the T182. THX,

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Hello all! Down to the wire on an 04 purchase. Looking for comments, wisdom, guidance, etc. Anyone who has made a purchase analysis between the 22 and the T182. THX,


Have owned a SR22 G2 for 1 month… What an airplane!!! As FastEddie once said, it is a “freakin magic carpet” . Last Thursday my wife and I flew up to Dayton , OH. 600 natical miles. We caught a tail wind and arrived in 2. hours and 56 minutes. You should of seen the smile our our faces.

On the return flight yesterday we flew west around some t-storms. Ended up flying in level 1 rain showers. My wife was not nervous at all. Basically situation awareness galore!!!.

We used to own a Cessna Cardinal RG. nice plane, but nothing like the SR22. I could go on forever praising this plane. But is is just Awsome…Good luck in your decision.

Here’s a thread on that very subject from a year and a half ago, and another from earlier this year. Shameless plug: the members’ forum gives you access to a much larger variety of discussions on many topics, including this one.

The SR22 is a great aircraft, although the 182/T182 can do some things that the '22 can’t do as well: short fields and mountain strips for example.

Good luck with your choice, and whatever you buy, COPA membership is worth much more than the cost of entry in fun, education, spirited discussion, and camaraderie.

Have you flown in both planes ?

Just made that same decision and am taking delivery of the SR22 in two weeks. 35 knots difference in speed was a big factor; the parachute sold my wife; all in all I think the major factor was that the SR22 is a new airplane with modern systems; in comparison the c182 is a 55 year old airplane although the new Garmin panels put a new face on it.
But the final decision came after flying the SR22 for only a few minutes. Test fly the SR22 and you’ll know what I mean.

I took delivery of an SR-22 G2 3 weeks ago. First one in Hawaii. I love it. I have owned 12 C-402’s, Metroliner, 310, and all mostly for business. I told myself I would never buy an airplane again. Then came along a chance reading of an article. My wife loved the chute. After 5 years of not owning one, I am glad I purchased it. Factory support is excellent (I know it has not been in the past) this was really important being 3,000 miles from the world. The warranty is insane. They replace light bulbs. All I have to worry about is oil, brakes and tires. Everything else is picked up. I don;t know about new Cessna aircraft warranties, but I wish I had those kinds of warranties when I was making a living operating those things.

At any rate, think about this: No corrosion to worry about. Composites are stronger than aluminum. Dual electrical with quadruple redunandcy. Fuselage is a roll cage designed for 45 degree impact into the ground. This aircraft seems to be designed with accident survivability first, and performance and ergonomics second. At least that is my view of it. Nothing is sacrificied however. What is the difference between a few knots anyway, at least on short hops. There is also a certain pride that employees and owners have that I have not seen in Cessna. This is important. You will not be disappointed. Oh and go for the 22 if you can afford it.

I made that decision 1-1/2 years ago.

The SR22 is faster, better looking, better avionics, more comfortable, higher
power, parachute, composite (no corrosion). Similar pricing.

The only considerations I found in favor of the 182 were the availability of a
turbo charger and TAWS was an available option. Now theres probably weather
available on the 182, but not on Cirrus.


I have a demo flight this Friday in the CR22G2, can’t wait. I sat in the demonstrator this past weekend and could readily tell the obvious quality in this airplane. The plus’s are too many to list. I agree the Cessna is a fine aircraft, made my fixed wing transition from rotary wing in the Army long time ago in a 182.
I currently fly a Citation Excel and am transitioning into a G200 this summer. I have spec’d/accepted several jets and helicopters in the past. I just felt I needed to complete some due diligence in the exploratory stage and see if anybody could lend any insights not readily apparent. (at least for appearance sake, cuz i don;t think there is really a contest) I haven’t seen any other than price.
And my wife likes the parachute, so do I. I have seen several accidents where the parachute could have saved lives. Wish they could have put them in helo’s years ago.
Sorry to be so long winded, but I really want to elicit some insightful comments. Thanks for all the help!

Doug - I’m reminded of my demo ride back on November 8, 2003. I have a bunch of time in a 182RG and a Piper Lance, but the SR22 just had me speechless in just about every phase of flight. Takeoff performance, climb profile, avionics, cruise speed, slow flight, rock solid in the pattern. I swear I couldn’t talk for an hour. But you won’t have to take my word for it - you’ll see shortly. Enjoy. And best of luck with your decision. We purchased our SR22 in December and have nearly 200 hours on it already.