Plot thickens: Nokia sheds another 10,000 jobs

In the first of three press releases this morning, increasingly in-trouble Nokia revealed a “range of planned actions aimed at sharpening its strategy, improving its operating model and returning the company to profitable growth.” The company emphasized focused investment on core areas of their business, particularly their line of Lumia smartphones and on providing location-based services. As much as they try to hide it, the glaring aspect of this press release remains the fact that Nokia is hemorrhaging assets in an attempt to stay afloat, exemplified by another 10,000 global job cuts – after which Nokia will have cut nearly one-third of its pre-2010 workforce.


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A wild guess- he’s shorting Nokia.

Note multiple embedded pointers in his (now, three) posts. I believe it is some sort of a buzz-building/traffic-creating exercise. A little investigation suggests that the OP is employed in a social media-related role in Pakistan.

Funny, isn’t it, that JimK originally spammed COPA for exactly the same reason? Despite which unfortunate start, Jim has risen to the status of a semi-respectable member. A heart-warming only-in-America rags-to-riches story to rival Rajat Gupta’s.

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