PilotsNPaws101 and Saving Frankie (Full ATC)

Are you looking to fly for a cause? In this video we illustrate how PilotsNPaws.org (PnP) might be a good fit, as it has been for thousands of pilots throughout the USA. Following a brief introduction to how PnP connects pilots to rescue agencies, we then conduct a flight to help save Frankie, a 3-year old Pomeranian. If you’ve flown pet rescue missions, care to also share your experiences and suggestions in the Comments?
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot

Reference: PilotsNPaws Tips from Wayne, https://bit.ly/wam-pilotsnpaws-tips
Credit: Puppy Love (Instrumental), Steve Reynolds

Good man. I fly pilots-n-paws flights, as well. It’s a great excuse to fly. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jim. Agreed, what a great excuse to fly.

I just saved a MinPin last week and took the Wife and twin girls and they loved flying for a purpose. The hardest part for me is keeping my girls from trying to take them home. We would have a zoo…

Jeremy, to you and your family… nicely done with the MinPin! It does make us feel good to fly for a purpose. I fully understand the “gotta adopt this one too” syndrome :smile:.
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Sally the brindle got a nice ride on a nice day today. These wonderful dogs are extremely hard to give up to the new owners.

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Ken, thanks for helping that lovely brindle. Breed? My wife and I have 3 rescued racing Greyhounds… just adorable and make super companions.
All the best,

My pleasure. Sally is a mix. She is a special blend of happy, content, and being in tune. I hope we see her again. It was a fun trip. Luis, a Mooney pilot came from MD to VA and we flew together in the Eclipse to Northern SC and met John (a Bonanza pilot) who brought her from Savannah. Luis got to check out the Eclipse, Sally got a new home and 3 pilots got to do what they enjoy. You can’t beat that.

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Love it! And love that Eclipse too!

We’ve been flying a few more of these missions since Angel Flights are on hold now. This trip there were 5 Huskie pups and a bunch of kittens. Grandkids are more than welcome too.

Saying goodbye is always sad.


Bob, wow, those puppies are super cute! What a good use of an aircraft, great excuse to fly, and also wonderful outing for the kids/grandkids.
Thanks for sharing!