Panel switch backlight

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get light on the panel switches so they can be seen at night-
a backlight possibly. I cannot believe the switch panel is not designed to be lit…

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Nav light switch turns them on if so equipped

Similar thoughts. Wondering if the later backlit version can be retrofitted? Or if you could have one custom made and field approved as a minor mod?

I know many of us keep our Nav light switch turned on all the time (even when parked in the hangar). It’s a quick way to be sure you’ve turned off the BAT switches when you’re putting the plane away. This also means the switch panel is always backlit.

I have a 2006 SR22T. When did the backlit version begin?

this is a 2006SR22T
when did they equip with back light?

Mine is a 2007 SR22 TN GTS, so at least by then. I used to fly a 2006 SR22 NA, and it had backlighting (I think; it’s been a couple years).

Serial number?

T or TN won’t matter.

06’ factory was TN

I am going to try this little guy velcroed under the glare shield. Dimmable, rechargeable and small. I will report back:

Serial number 2193

Serial 2334 and later has the backlighting …

THANKS! Much appreciated

Please do. Thank you!

Can it be retrofitted?

(SN1770 if it matters)


So here it is, though I owe everyone a picture at night (as soon as I get out for a night flight).
The little rechargeable light is very flexible. I fixed two pieces of velcro on it, one on the “body” and one on the “neck” exactly where the LED light is. Then I mounted it under the glare shield. Completely invisible. You have to look under the glare shield to see it. On-off switch is very easy to find by touch because it is next to the built-in clip (it is a book light after all with a clip). The charging port is at the “clip” end and is easily accessible without having to remove the light. So, for all intent and proposes, it is “permanently” mounted. The on-off switch is also a dimmer. Holding it dims the LEDs. Once I have a night picture I will post. I may consider attaching a red film to the head (for red light) though I don’t think it is going to be an issue.
View from the normal seated position (completely hidden from view):

View from under the glare shield:

Ours is a 2011, SN 3812. We had to have the switch panel replaced to get the backlighting to work. So not sure if the panel is back compatible to your model but perhaps that is a way to get backlighting? I think it was roughly $1000 for an exchange unit from Cirrus.

What’s the matter? Don’t like my $20 solution? LOL.
Maybe now our plane is a G3? Or at least a G 2 1/2?


I bought your $20 solution-

Waiting for night flight for trial ….>


Funny I have #3814 and I’m in the process of replacing it due to a back light problem…