Paint shops in Florida

Can anyone recommend a paint shop in Florida, I’m based at Miami (TMB), to have leading edges and touch up done? Thank you.

I have had nothing bad experiences with paint jobs and touch ups in Florida. Head to a dryer climate….


SE Aero St Augustine. Just had mine done this spring. Wheel pants and leading edges. Did a great job.

ACE Aircraft Painting at KBOW
Best value and Luke is a great guy to work with. Best paint shop in Florida just had him do the wheel pants, spinner, and touchups on my 2007 sr22tn

I agree.
Had the same issues.
Well done.

was the price reasonable?

If memory serves me, it was around $1800.
Everything was blended perfectly. Of course I had no sun damage being in hanger.

Foster’s Aircraft Refinishing
Lakeland KBOW
John Foster 863-709-1779
Luke at ACE Aircraft Painting in Bartow used to work for John.

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