Omaha Rental

I’m not yet an owner myself and I’m considering a move to Omaha, NE to expand my business. I can’t find any Cirrus aircraft for rent in Eastern Nebraska. Any suggestions how to find one?

Hmmmm. I’m not aware of any Cirrus rental options in Lincoln (Ignite), Omaha (Oracle) or nearby Council Bluffs (Revv). Ignite used to have a SR20 G6 in their fleet, but it was sold last year. In the last couple months there have been a couple early model 22’s for sale in OMA, maybe that can be a pathway?

Hi Paul, if you can’t find a rental, I can help you find a preowned SR22 so you always have it available for business and family travel. Gary@aerista.Com

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Howdy. I’m in Omaha. No Cirrus rentals at any of the local flight schools, unfortunately.

I’m in Lincoln and it was really disappointing when Ignite Flight sold their SR20. Perhaps drop them a line and ask if they have any plans to get another one. Perhaps that will encourage them :blush: