Oil Presure

I have noticed since I got my SR20 in Oct. That the oil presure gage is not realy steady it sort of move short quick movents always in the upper green as it should be . Are others out there gages the same or or are they real stable . I do not have adnormal oil use and temps are all well within norm. I think if others are good then maybe I have a lose wire or bad gage. Pease advise as to your display. And those with Engine veaw that may have this with there gage. How does it compare. Thanks from Don

Mine worked that way too, and then started bouncing up into the red. Problem was a loose crimp connector going to the pressure sensor.

SR22 #44

We get a little pulsing on our 20 also.

always a little flickering around the 50 mark and the same on the arnav in my 20

On SR22 #44 I’ve always seen some pulsing of the EGT gauge at max temp; it is quite steady until I’m leaned to peak EGT, and then it starts pulsing. That’s how I know I’ve reached peak!