O2 equipment

I am picking up my SR22 next week, i haven’t done too much high altitude flying. Does anyone have thoughts are what O2 monitors, and other equipment to buy (mask vs canula)

Congratulations! You’ll love the airplane, James. Is it a turbo?

On our member forums we have hundreds of posts about oxygen systems, the O2D2, boom cannulas, high-altitude safety, etc. Join up and enjoy!

Not to mention the Inogen O2 concentrator, which you never have to refill! (Just recharge)


thanks for the info. yes going with the SR22T 2006. i truly can’t wait to fly her home. all the years of flying this is the first plane i’m doing on my own. no partners. no club. should be fun. so i’m going to spend allot of time on COPA for advice and ideas.


Any decent pulse ox should do unless you have young kids who can’t hold still or passengers with low perfusion.

Finger tip oxymeter is a must have, any brand will do, you actually do not feel anything untill your O2 drops to below 70% which may be too late, an oxymeter will alert you well before that and give you the chance to use oxygen early enough.

I always test myself and pxg from time to time if I fly above 10k ft.

I am a big fan of the Inogen. Just be sure to remove the battery when not in use!

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Why is that? I’ve never removed mine between flights, and don’t recall reading or hearing of that before.

Hi Nathan,

Apparently the quiescent current is enough to drain the battery completely if not used/charged for an “…extended period…”.

I had a battery issue where the unit was completely unresponsive. Tom @ Windblade was very helpful and took care of it, but did ask if I had left the battery connected between uses (I had not, and he quickly replaced the battery). He informed me that the device’s circuitry stays active, drawing enough current to fully deplete the battery over time.

I don’t know what they define as an “extended period” but I think they are referring to weeks, not years, so I just disconnect the battery so I’m not surprised (disappointed) when I’m counting on it being ready.

Thanks John, I have noticed some depletion between uses, but never a complete drain. I’ll be disconnecting the battery from now on.

I would definitely use an Onyx. The cheap Chinese stuff gives a lot of errors.