North Captiva Island, FL

Anybody flown an SR20 into this (private) airstrip? (Identifier is 4X2 or FL90) I’m “invited” in a few weeks. Supposedly 1800 feet but I wonder if really all that is usable. T.O. distance per POH with expected weight/temps is less than 1800 feet, but not by much.
Any angst with takeoff? Landing? Any (sand) pitting of the wheel fairings, wing roots, or prop?
SR20 Lincoln, NE

flew over N. Captiva couple of times recently…but can’t tell you much other than it’s clear end to end (water- runway- water…no trees)…regarding field conditions…no clue…suggest you look for COPA or AOPA members from Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda/Naples area…those are all close to Captiva…


There is a pretty good picture of the field on the> web site, and a nice [ shot from space on the Microsoft Terraserver.

Let us know how it was!](


I have landed on a 1900 foot concrete strip a few times in my SR20 and it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I thought it was going to be. No problem getting off the ground either. I have no experience on grass however to compare.


I flew an SR20 in there two years ago. We rented a house on the strip for a week. I had two people, lots of baggage and groceries and had only burned off about one hour of gas. There can be people off of each end of the runway and golf carts crossing at the east end. Don’t expect the people on the golf carts to be smart enough to not cross when you are on final. Some houses along the strip have wind socks. I would overfly the runway and check the wind and people situation. Then use the slowest appropriate landing speed. Check the thread on slow landing speed on this forum if you haven’t seen it. I made two takeoffs and landings while I was there and didn’t have any trouble but it will obviously depend on the wind and your weight. Watch out for ultalights flying along the beach. Page Field in Ft. Meyers is the neartest full service field. If you haven’t been in that area before you might want to sightsee south to Sanibel Island and north to Boca Grande. North Captiva is a private field and you need some sort of an authorization form to leave on the sunscreen. After I landed I was immediately approached by one of the members of the airstrip asking what I was doing there.

Pretty airstrip, isn’t it? My mother lives just a few houses north on the bay side. On visits, I’ve walked the strip for years (?decades) dreaming of TOL there.

Thank you Jim. Was into Fort Meyers last year, so did alot of sight-seeing in the area. This year, I do have an authorization/invite to land on North Captiva and will be there 7-8 days. Just wondered about Take Off as will be about 175 lbs. under gross if I plan well and land with “tabs” fuel load.