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First of all Hello ! I’m Jim from Jacksonville Fl. and a future 2008/9 SR22 GTS Cirrus owner . That being said my questions are pretty simple. 1. What are annual cost differences between the the Turbo Gts and Non turbo Gts ? And what else should I be looking for or concerned with when looking at these used planes … Thank you in Advance Jim

Jim, if you’re thinking of buying a Cirrus, do yourself a favour and join COPA. Your questions have been answered, or at least discussed to death, on the member side of the forums many times over! It will be the best investment you ever make in aviation.

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Ill do that rt now thank you !!!

Hello Jim!

  1. how many hours flown per year?

  2. do you fly until it breaks and then lands? AOG costs are very hard to define until post event… (You will find some owners who practice this method…)

  3. I think a TN or T owner should consider an extra $15-20 per hour of operation…

Joined !! And Thank you Jim for response. Good name Btw .=) I’am a new pilot and have givin up Racing Motorcycles for this new hobby which I’ve fallen in love with… So to answer your question about how many hours a week I could possible fly Lets use 10 hours a week as an average (Could be a hell of a lot more lol ). Also very meticulous about equipment upkeep so bear that in mind . The yearly annual cost difference is what im chasing between the 2 not operational costs …Thanks again Gents !!!

@10hrs a week, You’ll probably be among the top 5 cirrus drivers

You know how a newbie racer doesn’t yet understand how to preserve equipment until he has gained experience? You are going to go through that with airplanes.

Cheaper to learn that on an NA than on a Turbo.

Welcome to COPA! You will get your money’s worth today!! Use the search function above to find even more information.

A Turbo is generally more expensive to operate but you do get other benefits from it that other will chime in on. My opinion (worth diddly, really) is Air Conditioning is more important in Florida than a Turbo. Even without a turbo you are going to be getting 165 knots True Airspeed which is pretty quick.

Do you have your license yet? If not, are you planning on doing your training in the SR22?

Do you have a broker? If not, you might want to get one to help you through the purchase. It is very different than a car. Lots of “Gotcha’s” that you really need to look out for.

Good Luck!!


Welcome to COPA. The question has been posed many times and you will soon find that there are many opinions. I fly an 06 GTS NA w/air. My missions are 90% on the east coast and most of my cross country flights are NJ to FL and back. For me, I did not feel that I would gain much with a Turbo, but AC and TKS was a must. The majority of my trips are 10-12,000 with occasional flight above to get over weather. So my question to you is what are your anticipated missions? How often will you be flying west where a Turbo shines?

To put numbers to it. KLGA to KMCO as example today at 12,000 would be 74.7 Gallons and 5:24 in a NA assuming 169 TAS 13.0 GPH. The same flight in a Turbo today with current winds would be would be 4:49 assuming 190 TAS and 17.6 GPH and 86.5 Gallons consumed. (winds currently included - 14 kt headwind)

Gentlemen !!! Thank you very much for your responses =) I plan on my 2 Daughters pointing at the map and say "Fly us there Dad " Thats the planes primary mission lol I also have a list of money players here in jax and Ft laud that want me to fly them all over the place too so that might be a mission as well … I dont have that busy of a life at the present ( own a Paint and body shop ) im getting up there too 52 and feel like goofing off for awhile while my girls are young 12/8 just trying to put this all together and looking for a consistent opinion…lol I know its a net forum right . Ive battled in forums for years with motorcycle racers around the country . This place cant be any worse … or could it lol This also will not be my only plane , a little piece a junk 152 is in the plans for everyday local ISIS recon lol Thanks all again for imput … keep it comin Cheers Jim Actually the Hell with this Thread !!! lmao Theres 10 Kazillion threads already … Maybe Ill start a " Whats the best oil Thread " That usually gets everybody Fired up …GOOD chat Gents and thx for those who responded …MOD THROW THIS THREAD IN THE CRAPPER LOL

James, if the plan will be a fun toy and you lack “need to be there” missions, why not settle for the simpler and less expensive pleasures of the NA SR-22? The 10-15 minutes you save on longer missions are unlikely to matter since you say life isn’t too busy anyway.

Let me reiterate - simpler. That’s the main thing for a plane owner in your position. While the turbos are faster and more flexible and more dug by chicks, the NA plane is simpler to maintain and it seems perfectly suited for your use case. Why over-reach?

Hey! My wife likes my Normally Aspirated! At least she says so…[:O]

ha, when I told my wife what it would cost to move up to a turbo and also told her I’d have to leave another 80 pounds behind she said she loves my NA [:P]

Thank you again gents!!! Just looked at a lance air IV P Lol
I need more money !!!

Just looked at a lance air IV P

The Lancairs have great performance but it comes at a price, and for some that price has been their life. The aerodynamics are very unforgiving.

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