Newest 'Pilot'

I just took a lesson in N145CD at Bowman Field in Lousiville. this was an early CD demonstrator that rumor has it 3 investors got to gether, and purchased. It is an “A” model.

I got checked out to fly it at a price I’d rather not pay again!. I think it was about $170/hr. wet + instructor.

It flew well, but it is still very sensitive to a ham-fisted 172 driver. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Slow flight, steept turns, stalls were all non events. Even the landins weren’t bad. Of course, I made only three approaches and could have logged four landings!

Still a Blast to fly.

Squaks: The seat back lever on the pilot side was broken.

I think I’d placard the door latch on the inside to prevent anyone from turning the lever to horizontal before closing. It feels right that way, but would damage the airplane shell.

I couldn’t use much of the 430 as the data card was removed for updating.