New to SR22

dear all, I just purchased a SR22 G1, great bird! Of course, now I am looking at the first avionics upgrade, Sandel to Aspen and adding the EMax.

So, my question is… does anyone know a source of the SIU sensor interface unit PN 200-00031-000. I read many posts underlining the difficulties, but may be someone knows a current opportunity?

thanks for your help, be safe and blue skies,

jerome, Switzerland.

Well…they are not made anymore so you have very few options. The easiest is a JPI engine monitor. Unless you want to look through crashed aircraft.

I put a JPI EDM900 in my 2001SR22when my ARNAV finally died. I have been flying with it for 18 months and love it…also am using my iPad as my MFD. It is mounted on a butch plate that covers the opening of the MFD. When coupled with a Stratus II, it is a great solution.

They can be found. I bought one recently at a Salvage yard and am keeping it as a spare. Reasonably inexpensive, but rare and hard to find.

I would strongly consider what Paul suggested and put it in to replace all your 2 inch gauges. They is not cheap, in the US that would cost 11 to $12,000. But they are nice.

Or you can take a long term wait and find one.

Merci Roger. Just one question, Cirrus told me that if you have one installed, it will be repaired or replaced. So, is there a reason to have one spare particularly now with the new company doing the maintenance? thanks for your reply. jerome

Crash a/c is an option, but is there an option with the a/c upgrading to the DAU?



There is a repair shop Avidyne has set up called Radiant that is repairing them for now. They charge $3000 plus an admin fee of $300 to fix one. With freight it will be 3500 bucks. I found one for a fraction of that. So if mine fails I have that spare to either use temporarily while out for repair or permanently if I don’t feel like paying a lot for the repair. The good news is they are pretty robust so that is not likely I certainly can sell it for more than I paid for it also.

Also, I believe these older planes (hard to think of any Cirri as old) will start to have these problems. Gauges (a dual gauge is still available from Cirrus for $3300) and other required items are things I want to have as spares for when they are a problem. So, when I find a deal I buy them. I have lots of these things like that in my hangar.

Yes. DAU’s aren’t made anymore either. But they are better. You have to do quite a bit of work to make it work, including changing the MCU. The only person I know of that can do it (or that I would trust to do it correctly) is Dave Featherston. He recently did a big conversion on a French based plane and it turned out great. But that was a lot of avionics work plus getting Dave over there for 10 days or so.

So how do you find these deals? Plane wrecks?

I would not mind having a spare SIU.

Crashed aircraft being parted out is the normal source. There are two salvage yards here in the area that I visit. Believe it or not eBay often is how they will list them but if you call or drop by you can get it before that. There are many other salvage operations. Wentworth is a big name in the business. Some of the salvage yards have no idea the value of something like a SIU most have no idea it is no longer made. They often over or under price things as a result. So you have to always be on the look out.

Avidyne did not set up Radiant. Radiant bought the business from Moritz. They immediately cut Avidyne out of the support loop and left the customers hanging. This is a money play by Radiant and not at all something Avidyne is happy about or a process that Avidyne set up.

I think it is time for a smart person to create a new serial interface for Cirrus engine sensors that works with Avidyne and get it approved as an STC. While they are at it, they might consider getting and AML for the analog gauges to go with that and provide a reasonable cost alternative to the cost of the Cirrus parts. Where I to do this, I would include some backup Engine data logging as well.

Interesting info. I did not know that all important detail. Getting an STC for replacement would be a bit of work because there are multiple TSO’s it must meet.

A shot of the SIU showing the TSO’s it meets.