New Airframe Mod

Hi everyone, IÂ’ve been working on some aircraft modifications that make it possible to carry a lightweight motorcycle. After landing, it takes only a few minutes to extract the motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and ride away. The ultimate goal is to obtain ground transportation at any airport so that we can drive into town, explore our destinations and reach new places. The Cirrus SR-22 is an ideal aircraft for this application so IÂ’d like to hear some feedback from owners and operators.


The Cirrus SR-22 is one of the best cross-country aircraft but it is still subject to ground transportation. Without ground transportation, we have no way to drive into town or reach our destinations. Unfortunately, many small airports offer no ground transportation and this restricts the number of destinations that we can conveniently reach.

From Glen Curtis to NASA, there have been nearly 100 attempts to develop a practical roadable airplane. Alternatively, NASA SATS (small aircraft transportation system) suggests the future aviation infrastructure should consist of smaller airports that are highly integrated into communities. In the meantime, IÂ’d like to propose that a street-legal motorcycle might fulfill many of our ground transportation needs. An AOPA survey found that 19% of us own motorcycles. My question is: What if your motorcycle was available to you at any/every airport? How often would you ride your motorcycle into town? Would it improve the quality or enjoyment of your cross-country adventures?


In the past, I’ve seen some desperate pilots disassemble a motorcycle, remove their seats and hoist the pieces into the cockpit with two strong men. I met one pilot who bragged that he could accomplish that feat in only 45 minutes. My goal is to demonstrate the first small aircraft to “conveniently” carry a motorcycle. “Conveniently” requires a method to insert/extract the motorcycle in just a few minutes and without heavy lifting, assistance or tools.

I have a prototype composite belly-pod thatÂ’s capable of hauling a lightweight motorcycle beneath common airplanes. An integral winch system allows you to insert/extract the motorcycle with ease. The specially prepared motorcycle weighs only 230 pounds and offers two-up riding and highway performance (85mph). It features a reliable 4-cycle engine, 6-speed transmission and electric start. The handlebars and foot pegs fold to a width of only 12 inches and the motorcycle has been modified to for horizontal storage without leaks.

When you arenÂ’t hauling a motorcycle, the pod may be used to haul up to 300 pounds of bulky cargo. From bicycles to camping gear, clean or dirty, the pod provides convenient cargo space near the center of gravity. For maximum flexibility, the entire pod may be removed or installed in minutes so you may configure your airplane for each flight.

IÂ’d love to evaluate a pod and motorcycle on an SR-22. ItÂ’s already a great airplane but the ability to bring your own ground transportation or haul more stuff would boost utility. IÂ’d appreciate your feedback and I will pursue an STC if three is enough interest. You can leave feedback here or complete an online survey:

If anybody wants to be the first “motorcycle pilot” on the block, please contact me. I’d be happy to trade a free/discounted pod in exchange for demonstrating STC compliance on your aircraft.