N119CD - Millennium Graphics - Photos

The photos taken of Cirrus Design, sales rep. Dick Loynachan’s new SR20 Demo - N119CD were received Friday and passed on to Chris via e-mail so watch for these photos coming soon to your favorite website “SR20 Discussion Forum”. Five photos were submitted to Chris out of which he said that he will post 2 of them. One photo sent was of both Dick and me together, and if Chris does choose to post it - I’m the good looking guy wearing sunglasses.

I did attempt to send 6 photos, plus my SR20 list to all of you that I have e-mail addresses for, and I hope that you received them yesterday. If you didn’t get them, send me a message and I’ll e-mail you back immediately with the attachments.

Best regards,

Gerry Mengo, #173 & #279

Enjoy the discussion forum and would like the photos.

For some reason (no doubt because I am dealing through the dreaded AOL)I cannot view/decode the compiled batch of JPG files that Gerry sent out. If anyone has been able to decode them successfully, would you mind sending me one of them as an attached file? AOL is up to handling one attached file at a time, but chokes on multi-attachments. Gee, no wonder they’re taking over the market. Learning from the Microsoft “market dominance through excellence” strategy. Jim Fallows

The pictures of N119CD are on the web site now. It looks cool!