Monroy Traffic Detector

Given all the debate about TCAS-lite, I thought I’d add my experience over the last year with the Monroy Traffic Detector.

I stopped using it because (1) it didn’t tell me about very many of the real threats that I saw and/or had ATC call out to me, and (2) it gives a lot of false alerts.

I have used the BFG Skywatch a few years ago and loved it. The only annoying thing is that it has a harsh male voice. The Monroy has a good neutral female voice, which I prefer.

The Ryan TCAD calls out the position verbally, which sounds like a nice feature (the Skywatch just says “Traffic, traffic!”.)

I plan to get Skywatch as soon as the retrofit kit is available.

If anyone would like to purchase my Monroy box, I’d be happy to sell it.

I’m interested in purchasing your box ( although your post isn’t a very good sales pitch!).
Could you e-mail me your price and for further arrangements?


I have a Monroy that I have been using in my 182 and I love it. It keeps reminding you to look outside the plane. It tells you to look for a plane somewhere. Sometimes it is overhead and you can’t find it, and other times it alerts you to traffic close by and at your altitude. I have added Skywatch as an option to my SR-22 because I liked the results from the Monroy and wanted an upgrade in capability. For the money spent the Monroy is a great bargain.

Stan New