MiniCPPP May 4 in Le Touquet France


I do I register for the miniCPPP in Le touquet LFAT on May 4th? I do not find a link for registration.



Should be this one:

Thanks for the, Stefan Weidenhaun!


I am registered for the miniCPPPP at le Touquet LFAT this coming saturday may 4.

Where does the event take place? I called the airport and they are not aware of the event taking place. What is the address of the day? I do not see a number to call. Can you help me? It is getting rather urgent to know…


Arno Fontana

+32 475 958929

You should have received an email with more information and also a link to the COPA University App.

In case all this failed: The event takes place in the Le Touqet Holiday Inn and starts at 9:30LT Saturday morning.