looking for Pezz In Santa Monica


Tom at the Texas dealership

suggested I try to contact you

in the Org.

Im a position holder living Southern ca;

Working in Northern Cal.

I have never seen an SR20 ;

I would be very grateful If I could just

see your Bird at Santo Monica Airport?

Please Email me or call me at 310 204 1943


Rich Meyer

FYI – there a 2 at SMO. One of them is usually parked on the south side of Runway 21. Other is hangered.

Sorry for the lapse in response.

My bird, N20CD is located on the upper ramp at SMO right near the runway. If you enter the airport at the Kruger hanger, take a left and then your first right up onto the area next to the runway. N20CD is the second plane on the right. I fly between our my companies two offices (SMO) and Sacramento often, but you should be able to see the plane most days. There is also a SR20 on the lower deck right below mine. He usually covers his and his does not have the tell-tale stripe.

Christopher Peznola