Looking for a parnter in south florida - sr22

i’m based in delray beach and currently flying out of FXE. looking for a partner to buy an sr22, prob an '03 to an '05.

Im based out of Stuart and looking for the same thing. So close yet so far away.

If any of you ever consider relocating to Jumbolair, there are a few of us current residents considering sharing multiple aircraft to meet assorted missions. We moved up here from Miami a few years ago and really appreciate having the airplane, literally, in our back yard. The mid-western culture is also very embracing. www.jumbolair.com

Disclosure: Other than wanting a good neighborhood, I have no investment in Jumbolair.

I have a 2006 SR22 GTS with A/C based at KOPF. I would be interested in taking on a partner. If you are interested let me know.

sounds good but i live in delray beach …opa locka is a bit out of my way…flying out of fxe right now…

OK. Only about 15 minutes further down the road. Let me know if you would like to explore anyway.

ok, we can talk about it. my cell is 954 288 4591. thanks, Jay.

Jarret, I might be interested. 305-494-7649