Live Cell Phone or PDA tracking or your aircraft flights, Online Flight Plan filing, Weather and Commercial aircraft arrival and departure information

I have been Beta testing a product that both my wife and I love that runs on our Cell Phones. Built for small screens.
Allows my wife or other loved ones to:
• Look at her phone and find out where I am and when I will be where I am going.(Now I don’t have to call her every time I land. And before I take off and she doesn’t need a computer)
• Look at a map of where I am what altitude and how fast I am going.
• Look up arrivals and departures of commercial flights to cities and whether they are on time. ( Good for picking up granny on turkey day)

For me it:
• File flight plans that I have exported from Flight Star Software.
• nexrad Weather – TAF,Metar, Radar, Wind aloft etc.
• Look up arrivals and departures of commercial flights to cities.

Other Uses:
• Track your club airplanes.
• Track your friends Airplanes.
• See if the flight you are trying to catch is on time.
• See if the flight you are meeting is on time.

The developer assures me that if there is sufficient interest he will make the product available for download. If you are interested do the following:

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• The phone service you use - Cingular Nextel etc
• Any other flight of other features you think would be useful.

I will send you a link for the download when it is available. .

Are u referring to this?

I would be very interested in this for the Civil Air Patrol flying I do. Please email me @

phone is Verizon
o/s is WinXP and Win2K