Links to Canadian News on the accident

That last link, to the Lethbridge Herald report, gave me new information. Assuming that the report is accurate - there are no obvious errors in it, like I’ve seen in some reports - then…

– they were level at 9,500 feet;
– probably VFR, given their altitude and direction of flight;
– on autopilot.


  • Mike.

The first article does it for me

" Pilot Albert Kolk reported that the fuel was not burning equally from the fuel tanks, causing the aircraft to spin out, said Const. Pete Delisle of the Nakusp RCMP. "

Sounds more like a video game - spin out !!!


Just like you used to be able to do a quick engine tweak on go-carts when the staff wasn’t looking to make yours go faster than the rest, I have removed an artificial rudder limiter on N74AG so that I am now able to “spin out” just like in a car. [;)]