Where to find a landing light - 2004 SR22 G2

Our landing light has gone out in our SR22 G2 2004. Apparently Cirrus doesn’t have any in inventory, and you cant buy Cirrus parts through Aircraft Spruce or the other typical retailers. Anyone have any suggestions or know of a place to get the light?

Call Lopresti for a boom beam. There are lots of posts about their light on Marketplace. This light will be far better than that which came with the Cirrus. Talk with Rj at 772-228-9750.

Check with LoPresti… they have the X2 and now the X3 high intensity lights available, much brighter than OEM, and if you’re not interested in doing that, they may have a few take outs laying around [;)]

RJ Segal is a COPA member, you might PM him, or RJ, you out there? [H]

OK, I’m here.

My only question is how did Rob get to be a COPA member and not know about us? I guess there is no such thing as repeating the message too much. Rob, we make performance mods for Cirrus. Among them is the LoPresti BoomBeam™. It’s pretty reknowned. Here is one of about two dozen threads.



Rj Siegel CEO/LoPresti Aviation Engineering

We have a limited supply of the discontinued, G1 / G2 lights in stock for your plane. Your other option is the new X3 from LoPresti.

First, check the cable at both ends for obvious burnt or corroded pins. Especially the pins in the large plastic connector near the MCU. We often find the wires burned off inside the connector.

If the wiring is good, you should replace the ballast and lamp as a pair. A hard-starting lamp will strain the ballast, until the lamp fails. Installing a new lamp will work for a bit, then the old ballast will fail. So save yourself some aggravation and replace them both.

Contact us with your serial number and we’ll give you the options!


As stated above, get a LoPresti BoomBeam X3. Probably the best money I have spent so far. Huge improvement over stock!

Hi Rob!

As you probably know by now, we’re having a thanksgiving special. Just check the marketplace and drop us a note


Rj Siegel CEO/LoPresti Aviation Engineering

If you really want an old one, I have one for sell. I got it when I replaced my light for a boom beem. I am one of the few copians who didn’t think the boom beem was all that much better. Maybe mine isn’t adjusted right


I had a 2004 G2 and replaced my landing light with the boom beam. I now have a 2007 Turbo, but still have the old light.

How about you join COPA and I’ll send it to you for free.


Thank you - all of you - for the helpful advise. I took the thread to my mechanic and showed him that many thought that it could just be the wiring. Sure enough, the problem was not the light, but rather the connector between the light and the ballast. All fixed now! Again, thanks for all your help.

Hi Rob

We have a recommendation (For Cirrus owners of stock systems) about how to re-attach those wires in a more permanent way. It’s a double loop tie strap. For more info please call John Wertz in our engineering department and he would be glad to explain to your mechanic.


Rj Siegel CEO/LoPresti Aviation Engineering

Scott - Happy new year and thanks for your offer. Does it still stand? Looks like I need a new “old” light afterall (light only). The connector piece has gone bad. I will happily join COPA in exchange!