Lancair 300, compare and contrast...

Nice review of the Lancair 300 production model in the December Private Pilot magazine.

The high order takeaway is you trade Garmin for UPS, Arnav/Avidyne for Avrotech, and CAPS for 20 gallons of extra range.

In reading the fine print, there are many other points of course.

I expected the Lancair to be faster; they claim 190ktas at 80% power vs SR22’s 180 at 75%. Any idea why they would recommend cruise at 80% rather than 75% for the same IO-550N engine?

Lancair wins takeoff ground roll at 700 vs 1050, but you may not get in in the first place to try since landing the Lancair takes 1550 vs Cirrus’s 1140.

It doesn’t seem the reviewer (Steve Whitson) is very familiar with Cirri, as he gushes over innovative features he’s never seen before such as the wing cuff, side stick, and upside down emergency entry instructions on the window.

The Avrotec is more capable than the current Arnav (duh!), but seems to suffer from early-Avidyne disease, needing to go through an orderly shutdown before turning it off.

The panel looks a bit raw, the airplane is certified utility category, there is the 400 coming, hey! Competition is a good thing!


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