KSGU. St George - Zion.. great time of the Yr

It’s been a bit over a year since I did this trip and I went the other day.
The weather is perfect to hike the trails at Zion…
Land at SGU and get s car from Avis. 30 min drive and you are in one of the best nature parks in the world

Next week or two, I want to see Antelope Canyon - outside Page, AZ/UT.
Any pireps ?

Zion is an amazing area. My parents retired to St. George Utah and they go hiking almost every day. They claim they find a new area/path every time they go.

Utah is amazing this time of year. I opt for the less crowded areas of Escalante/Grand Staircase but you really can’t go wrong

Tell me more about
Escalante/Grand Staircase
I guess I can google it, but if you have. Quick pirep, that would be great

Page,Az is One of my favorite places to go. I recommend antelope canyon which are really cool.

If you have time and have a friend or family with you, stay a night at the Marina and rent a boat for the day.

It’s worth googling. An immense geological feature one really needs to see pictorial descriptions to comprehend.

There is upper and lower antelope canyon. You have to pay the Native Americans for a tour, and it’s well worth it. We went to Lower antelope. We heard it was less crowded. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. If you have time, go to both the upper and lower canyons. A quick search on the internet or a phone call to find out the best time of day to visit is advisable. The views are highly dependent on the angle of the sun.

Also check out horseshoe bend: I bought a hat from Wisconsin Aviation when I made my first solo cross country trip, and it blew off my head here and landed about 5 feet over the edge. Grab it and send it back if it’s still there!

I love the Big 5 parks as they call them but I am not much into crowds. We try to always camp in dispersed campsites and stay away from any place that requires a reservation. Escalante/Grand Staircase fits this perfectly. You can start at Page and work your way up to Halls crossing and take the ferry (look at times because it’s seasonal). Work your way up to one of the greatest roads out here, the Moki Dugway and then up to Natural Bridges. It’s a bit touristy but you can get some great views and hikes. Go up towards Escalante and work down towards Calf Creek Falls for another great hike. Skip the campground close by the trail head and find a dispersed site off Hole In The Rock Road.

two fun slot canyon hikes are Peak A Boo and Spookey. Not too tough but fun.

PM me if you need a more detailed itinerary.