iPad amount

Hello all,

let’s change the ideas how to mount IPad.

Here is mine, I also equipped SR Avidyne with Garmin Stream 210, and for now, I think it’s really extreme comfortable/advantageous way to use touch screen flight plan programming and synthetic vision.

Sorry, can’t attached the photos…

It wouldn’t work for me. Quite a few of us are using paid side. Not so many view this side of the forum.

Great place to put the iPad. But I think it is a major mistake to cover the backup instruments. FWIW. Good luck.

What Roger said.

In my case : IPad + Garmin Stream 210 works as backups.


I have an older SR20 with no bolster gauges so this would work well for me. What are you using to attach to bolster? Thanks.


I would NEVER trade my certified back instruments for an iPad backup. Ever! The iPad is a great BU too but in addition to the certified ones. iPads have been known to overheat and shutdown along with other deficiencies that relegate it to back up duty. Don’t get me wrong, I have an iPad and love it. And it is in the plane. I don’t have BU instruments in the bolster like you though. Don’t let a FSDO inspector see those covered.

Hello Brady!

Here it’s

Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Mount, 32.64$ Amazon Prime

Thanks Igor.