Interesting Places in Maine

I’m looking for recommendations of interesting places to visit in Maine that are accessible by plane, don’t require a car once there, and preferably on the coast. All suggestions will be welcomed.



My daughter attended college in Maine and I’ve made many trips there. In my experience there are few places where a car wouldn’t be very helpful.
One airport with an interesting museum on the field in Rockland. The Owl’s Head Transportation Museum has a nice collection of old cars and planes. It was recommended to me by Myron Garfinkle and it was great. It’s quite near the water.
Bar Harbor is beautiful and near Acadia National Park but you would need ground transportation. There is (or at least was) an excellent lobster shack right across the street from the airport.
If the family wants to see LL Bean you can land at Portland and go north or at Augusta and go south but again a car is needed.
If you do get a car then a ride along the costal road will take you through a number of very pleasant towns from Kennebunk all the way up past Rockland.
Hope that helps.


One thing you might consider if you’re going to do more of these types of trips is the purchase of folding bikes. My wife and I visited Bar Harbor for a 3 day weekend and biked from the airport to town. It’s a 12 mile bike ride (I do 12miles/day) to town and can be done in little over an hour. We have baggage saddles on the bikes for our change of clothes.

Done the Sanford (SFM) breakfast many times and is worth the stop.


Eric, The state of Maine is a beautiful place…some of my favorite spots are Isleboro. This is an island airport that offers excellant biking, if you take some bikes like one respondant mentioned. Another nice spot is Owls Head - someone had mentioned it…excellant museum - has autos, planes, etc. Even my wife enjoyed it!

Another area is Rangeley, Maine. It is Northwest and rural. The operator of the airport also owns a seaplane base - you can get a scenic tour or even a rating. Gorgeous area.

If you want something really unique…there is a B and B on Isle au Haut that is the lighthouse keepers home. You get there by mailboat and it is like going back in time. No electricity - candle light only…we had a great time and will never forget it!!

Enjoy Maine.

As usual - Jerry is right on the money. Rockland and Bar Harbor are the best bets for beautiful views and easy in and out. Fly at 3,500 feet up the coast - Down East Maine is beautiful from the air.

I would suggest breakfast at SFM - Sandford Maine, which is on your way up the coast. This is where GW parks Air Force One while in Kennebunkport. Best Airport breakfast in New England.

A bit more out of the way area is:

93B is Stonington Maine - quaint fishing village - short field landing skills required 2,099’ and narrow, but a nice place to visit.

You could also visit Portsmouth New Hampshire on the way, KPSM is the field with the Red Hook brewery on the base - and 11,000’ of runway — and very quiet. Portsmouth is a beautiful city with superb restaurants and some great inns.

Good Luck,

Any connection between th brewery on the field and the 11000 ft of runway - which came first.
Seriously, have been to Bahh Harbor a few times and splan on spending 3 weeks there in August. Will plan on the Sanford breakfast. Wondered if there was any recommendations for a field near Mt. Katadin. Thought it might be nice to see the start of the Appalacian trail and maybe do some short hiking.

I would try 3b1 - Greenville Maine may be a good fit for hiking and it is the location of the famous Sea Plane fly-in in the late summer.

Yes - Greenville is very nice - highly recommended. By the way I was there during the July 4th weekend and there was an SR22 parked there!

Anybody here fly this plane?

I have been flying to Greenville for the past fifteen years. The town in on Moosehead Lake, which is a very beautiful lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in Maine and probably the entire eastern part of the country.

There is a resort called “the Birches” located in Rockwood, about 20 miles up on the west side. The owner is a pilot and will have someone pick you up at the airport if you want to spend some time in a rustic environment. see

If you have any other questions about the area, email me directly.

Bob Davis N248CD