Idle engine issue sr20

I started up the plane, let it run for a few seconds, then pulled back to Idle and sat there for a couple
Mins. Didn’t die. I did this several times, didn’t die. Then I went out to the run up area, did the run up, pulled back to idle, didn’t die, turned off boost pump it died, which I expected it too. Then I cranked it, took it to the runway did full power, pulled back gently to idle, took about 2-3 mins but eventually it died.

Does anyone else experience issues with engine dying in idle on the sr 20?

Don’t experience it but I’d start with fuel flow given that it runs with the boost on. Data would help, but what is your fuel flow when idle and when taxiing?

The fuel pump is setup on the low end and high end separately so it maybe that your low end pressure needs to be adjusted up.

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Which model 20 do you have? In my G6 I always run with the fuel pump on so I haven’t experienced this but I’m going to try it next time with it off. I do, however, pretty much always get a low oil pressure CAS whenever at idle, so as a result my ‘idle’ is just a bit of throttle, maybe 1100 RPM. Not sure if this is a good practice, but it’s what I’ve been doing for months.

Ok so this happened to me once on a Lycoming. For me … the engine driven fuel pump was not functioning properly – Check your engine driven fuel pump – just a thought.

I have a G3 2009. The mechanic replaced the membrane in the fuel pump. Said it was hard as a rock. Didn’t have to purchase a new one.

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It is actually funny you post this. Literally had a conversation about this with a Cirrus expert last week. He recommends adding turning off the boost pump before taxiing specifically to check to make sure the engine-driven fuel pump isn’t bad, which sounds like your issue. The electric boost pump is strong enough to supply the engine, and if you always leave it on, you’ll never know the engine-driven one is bad. Definitely see an A&P!

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That’s the reason I immediately turn my boost pump off after starting the engine (Lyc here), per the checklist. I don’t want anything masking a problem with the engine-drive pump.