Fuel flow issues

Have a 2000 sr20. In April fuel flow started decreasing Down to less than 14 gph on take off. Had the flow adjusted multiple times but still only reaching 16 gph on take off and fluctuating when airborne. Any ideas on how to track down the problem? Thanks

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Do the old ones have an altitude-compensating boost pump?

If so, perhaps look there.

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I assume take off with the aux pump set to boost? That’s the boost/off/prime switch version, right?

I would assume an issue with the aux pump is likely, at least more than with the main pump. If you switch that off in cruise, is the fuel flow stable?

There are two schools at least regarding the Cirrus aux pump. Some never turn if off, some turn it of in cruise, some in cruise but only if it’s not hot outside (I belong to the last camp). If you always run it, it’s going to reach end of life more quickly.

Maybe that’s something to try.

I’ve had this problem, with this symptom in my SR20G2. It needed to be refirbed to replace the aneroid.


What Bill said…the aneroid bellows for altitude compensation is failed/ing


What Tom said first and he’s not even a mechanic!

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You are a winner Tom!

Aneroid was a loser there…