ID, MT destination suggestions

I’m in the early stages of planning a fly-in for 260se’s (hey, we’d be happy to see SR2X’s too) and would like to pick your collective brains on selecting a site in Idaho or Montana, something like:

In the midst of beautiful scenery, but not too challenging for those who may not be so experienced in the mountains.

Paved or very good quality turf. Not super-busy but should have fuel available on the field or nearby. The kind of airport where one can hang out on the ramp and talk airplanes without getting in the way of operations or giving security types apoplexy.

Nice but not extravagant accomodations on-airport or very close by. Camping perhaps available.

Availability of other activities (outdoors things? sightseeing? shopping? other?) for family members who may not thrive on hanging out and talking airplanes all day.

I will certainly consult the “Fly Idaho” and “Fly the Big Sky” publications, but if any of you have suggestions I would be delighted to hear them.


I’d suggest you consider McCall, Idaho. It’s a great little town, a great airport, and very convenient to the backcountry. Not much of a hop to big, beautiful backcountry strips like Big Creek, Johnson Creek, Sulphur Creek for camping and/or lodge-type accommodations.

McCall itself has plenty of places to stay (it’s a summer and winter destination for Boise folks) including the convenient Super 8 motel a very short walk from the ramp at the airport.

Last but DEFINITELY not least McCall has the best mountain flying training resource in the McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying folks on the field. (http://www.mountaincanyonflying.com ) They have both scheduled classes and one-on-one training with great CFIs…and anyone in your group who hasn’t had training specific to back-country flying would find the experience both rewarding and valuable. I went through their program this spring and it was the most fun and the most different flying I’ve ever done.

Have fun!


I haven’t flown to McCall yet, but I recently drove through on my way back from a Salmon River trip. You can see in an instant why it’s so popular – it’s the most breath taking of all Idaho’s mountain settings (IMHO). I made up my mind then and there to fly back the first chance I got.