Hurricane hits

Punta Gorda isn’t pretty:


Charlie is hitting Charleston right now. We are without power and lots of rain and wind but no major damage so far. The storm is moving very fast I think that is a good thing.

I have been watching the Florida news. When it clears here I plan on flying down. Do you know of any numbers to call to see what type of supplies are needed in Fort Myers? I can pack up the plane to gross weight with whatever is needed


The damage is more than just Punta Gorda; Many killed there.
Depending upon the airport, many are dangerous. At very least, they are littered with debris.
Angel Flight
County Sheriff’s office
However, many counties, with different needs because this spanned west to east coast.
1 guy got killed when he went outside to smoke a cigarette.
Cigarettes Kill
(Forgive my morbid humor, but this stuff is serious)