How much is "still under warranty" worth??

I’m looking at two SR20s – both with Perspective, and both low time. One is a 2009 and is running out of warranty coverage; the other is a 2011 with two years of coverage left. Is it worth paying $20,000 more for the peace of mind? How many of you have had to face expensive repairs soon after expiration of the warranty that would have been covered?

Planes don’t fall out of the air just because, and planes don’t fall apart just because they are out of warranty

So the answer is that it depends if your are going to need more than 20k in unanticipateable repairs.

Conversely, a good pre-buy is worth it’s weight in gold and comfort.

BTW, things always break; it’s an airplane (boats have a similar problem)

If the two aircraft were the same age, in the same condition, with the same equipment, and the same hours, and the same maintenence history and the same color and design inside and out, then your question would be more relevant. Otherwise, I suspect that the remaining warranty term is not the most salient issue in the $20K price difference. Stuff wears out and as it does planes depreciate. Absent something identifiable, I certainly would not expect to have $20K in warranty-covered work in two years.

It would be nice to have at least a few months of warranty to make sure the plane doesn’t have some evil lurking within. You should probably uncover most things within a few months. Don’t depend on a pre buy to bail you out. I had a friend that bought a Meridian, had the best guy in the business do a pre buy, then flew it one time and then spent $150,000 changing out the gear box. Don’t have such big ticket items on an SR20, but just a thought. You should wonder why people are selling a plane. Maybe they know something. [^o)]

All things being equal the newer one is worth more. It is just newer! I think a couple months isn’t worth much and it would take a considerable repair to offset 20K. Now a year, maybe. I would invest the money to cover the repair and then spend it on avgas if it isn’t needed.

The expensive stuff on mine ('08 TN with under 200 hrs) that I bought with 1.5 yrs warranty left on it, happened after 500 hrs: Magneto overhauls, Alt 1 replacement.
The warranty came into play with two attempts to fix the cruddy EVS camera. Engine/airframe wise it was trouble-free for me until out of warranty.
I checked the logbooks and saw a few infant mortality issues with the electronics that the first owner had corrected under warranty. But, nothing mechanical showed up.

I would put planes at the same value, the 11is two years further from the repac, and with the warranty it’s worth 20 grand more. You also have not made offers one owner might want to sell faster than other witch might make the price gap a little different. Good luck and continue to look for advice on this forum. I am always looking at the plane sales on Sr20 and 22. Don

It will depend on which warranty you have. Tip to tail? TCM parts and labor. Etc. the beat thing to know is exactly what the warranty covers that will determine the value. It’s a very complicated process. If you want, we can let you know exactly which warranty you have the. Then that will help your assessment. All we need is the serial number. Warranty is a big question here maybe we can run through an exercise and help everyone understand it. C

Your guy should have had a pre purchase vibration analysis completed…
All turbines should.

On a related note, would you get a pre purchase vibration analysis done on a new turbine under warranty?


  1. provides an assurance the engine/gearbox and accessories are “as represented” no assembly errors with gear mesh.
  2. health trending. Upon resale, no questions of change, undocumented lightning strike damage, bearing health trends.
  3. completing a dynamic balance to the lowest level with repeatable data points with increase the longevity of electrical components, wire connections, airframe structure etc.
    US navy completed a test study years ago on the P-3 aircraft… Saved bunches of $$$ and improved system reliability…made vibration analysis and dynamic balancing mandatory fleet wide.

I have a 2013 G5 Turbo and I bought the extended warranty from spinner to tail for 5 years. About 4 weeks ago my alternator went out. Long story short the engine had to be removed from the plane and sent back to Continental to be flushed out. I like peace of mind and for me I would pay that for a spinner to tail warranty but that is just me.

Hey jim!
How many hours on your bird when that occurred?

Good morning Brad,

About 450 I think.

Were the lock tabs on the drive gear retaining bolts not “folded”?
Damaged drive coupling on the alternator?

In the almost 2 months of my ownership Cirrus has paid about 10k of warranty work. Granted it had some squawks the non COPA owner didn’t realize, but it’s been very nice.

Hey Jim,

I think your question was directed at me but I know very little about the mechanics of what happened other than my alternator seized up and a sacrificial part did its job and prevented the seized alternator from shutting down the engine. Apparently though some shavings from the part got in the engine and therefore the engine had to be removed and sent back to the factory to be flushed out and tested.

Elite Aircraft here at RDU manages my plane and have been fabulous working through this issue. Cirrus has also been very active on my behalf and I have been very pleased with them as well.