How is GTSx different from GTS?

I’m in the research phase of plane selection, but am quickly zeroing in on an SR22 (probably a Turbo, and probably of the 2007-2010 vintage). In reading ads, I see some described as GTS (which I understand is an options package of cosmetic and functional items, most of which I want!) and others as GTSx. But I cannot find anyone who can tell me the difference. What does that little “x” add?

Many thanks!

– Warren Lieuallen, DVM, PhD

The X is all cosmetics, GTS is a Package bundle, of other wise optional items. Don

From their web site: “Cirrus owners already have an unparalleled appreciation and expectation for quality and performance. It’s the reason Cirrus continues to be the world’s best-selling airplane in its class. Now, Xi takes this one step further through individualization - by making you an integral part of the design team for your dream airplane. A unique experience worthy of every flight you will make in your Cirrus, you will develop a personal working relationship with the Xi Team, working one-on-one to tailor your plane to your exact specifications and preferences for materials, colors, designs and more. With Xi, you define the art of the possible.”

Hi Warren, the exact definition of “X-Edition” changes a little bit between model years, but generally it means the airplane has a premium cosmetic or appearance package. That usually means two-tone paint, colored accent stitching on the leather seats, and in some cases, carbon fiber trim pieces on the interior.

Be careful not to confuse “X-edition” (of which there are many) with “Xi” (of which there are relatively few). As John Y pointed out, the Xi airplanes are “individualized” with interior and exterior completely customized by the Cirrus factory design team to the buyer’s preferences. Each Xi airplane is truly a one-of-a-kind design.

Thank you all very much for the helpful answers – I think I finally understand!

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