Hot cabin in the summer

What tricks have any of you used to reduce the heat in the cabin of the plane when flying in the summer. Our plane is hangered but once we get it up in the air in the sun the dashboard seems to get awfully hot and the front of the cabin is hotter than the rear seats. Do any UV applications work for reducing heat from sun entering plane?

i was doing some IFR training the other day 95 degrees…he said ‘climb to 61 degrees’! that’s about the best i can say. others are trying that ‘porta-chill’ thing…dunno.
We taxi with the door open…helps a bit…but, the sun is a cooker until you get altitude.

I picked up a 12V lighter-socket-powered electric fan at an auto parts store, and bolted it to one of those “clothespin” style clamps, and clip it to the passenger visor. It moves enough air to make things a bit more comfortable until airborne. Not great, but I think it cost me less than $20, and it helps some, particularly in dry heat climates.