Headset Help

I will be purchasing a Lightspeed 25XL headset for my wife for Christmas. Searching the WEB, the prices
range from $505 to $599. Are there Lightspeed owners that can recommend a “reliable” WEB vendor? Either
answer on this site or email me at walter.gontowski@st.com.

Walt N224AZ

I’ve used Avshop and found them to be 100% reliable. www.avshop.com

they currently have the 25XL at $524.


Are there Lightspeed owners that can recommend a “reliable” WEB vendor?


I can recommend Avionics West (http://www.avionicswest.com/http://www.avionicswest.com/). I’ve purchased several items from them, always with prompt service. At the moment they have the 25XL on sale for $505.


You may want to check out the product from Pilot Avionics. Their PA 17-79XLP will plug into the Cirrus jacks: weighs only 9.9 ounces; has excellent test results see web site “www.verticalmind.com” then type in “pilot” and go to comparison.; they also may convert to either right side or left side; jack to plug in cell phone (not that you would ever use one).

I used one from a Cirrus pilot and really like them, thus I have ordered 4 pair for my new SR-22 that I receive TOMORROW. N789AA serial no. 0123
$459.00 pair plus gel seals and cloth covers free.

Buy it direct from Lightspeed. Also look into the sr20 model. It is supposed to be tuned to interior of the Cirrus SR20. I have 2 pair and they are great! Lightspeed is a pleasure to deal with.

Let us know how that “headset for Christmas” thing works out. I assume your wife LOVES to fly. Otherwise it might be the pilot equivalent of a toaster or vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

I also used avshop, they had a good price and customer service was very quick.


Based on my surfing that was going to be my choice. Thanks for you input.

Walt N224AZ

I called Lightspeed. They only sell the 25XL at list ($599). The “tweaked” headset is only for the SR20 and is not tuned for the SR22. (My hearing is down 3dB @ 1KHz, so the tuning probably doesn’t matter.)

Walt N224AZ

It was actually on the top of her Christmas wish list. She had tried the Lightspeed 25XL’s in Roger Whittier’s SR22 and really liked them. My wife actually twisted my arm (honest!) to get the SR20 and then encouraged
an upgrade to the SR22. She loves flying. I’m gonna keep her!!

Walt 224AZ

Like you I am also blessed with a wife who, among her many sterling qualities, loves to fly. Having observed other couples with one spouse–usually the distaff side–who dislikes or fears small airplanes, I am very grateful!

“I’m gonna keep her!”

Er, uh, ah - It’s not real clear … the plane, or the wife?



We’re both very fortunate. I’m sure we will both keep our ladies very happy!

Walt N224AZ

I can one up both of you. I not only have a great wife who loves to fly, She just got her pilot’s license 3 months ago!
Now the only problem is deciding who gets to log each leg where we go. She is great!

I upgraded the 20>22. Impossible to upgrade my wife. It doesn’t get any better!

Walt N224AZ

I once mentioned an upgrade.

If you need any expertise re the aerodynamics capailities and functional kinetics of a frying pan, just let me know. :~)


Great! I am encouraging my wife to get her PPL; she says she’ll likely do it after our toddler grows up a bit. I mean, I already refer to her as “captain” most of the time, might as well do so in the cockpit too! :slight_smile:

So, you admit it! You’re a leg man, eh?

In all seriousness, you fellows are very fortunate guys. I suspect a number of chaps who dearly love flying simply do not continue because their sives either have a fear or simply lack of interest on the part of their wives.

So sad.