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Has anyone found and adapter for the lightspeed or Bose headsets to use ship’s power? Larry

Search the Forum for “bose” - lots of posts. Mike Radomsky is in the process of making adapters available.

Do you already have the headset(s)? If so, are they the battery powered or the externally powered models?

I have two Bose X headsets (love them), the battery models. I plan on using the Radomsky battery eliminator so I don’t have to pay for converting my headsets to the ship’s power version AND so that I can use the headsets a) in other aircraft, and b) with a battery in an emergency. No alteration to the airplane is necessary.

It is not a problem with the Lightspeed’s. They shut themselves off automatically a few min’s after the power down. Mine headset batteries have lasted over 100 hours so far. I love the LightspeedÂ’s.

I remember posts from a while back that indicated the jacks were for Telex headsets. I just saw an ad for a new Telex ANR that looked pretty nice. Does anyone have any experieince with this headset and will it work with the installed jacks?

My plan exactly. A special thanks to Mike for making this possibe is in order.


and for twice the money…the BOSE won’t shut off automatically…so you get to keep ENERGIZER’S earnings aloft as well.
Once i got past the emotion of thinking BOSE were simply the best…other than a difference in feel…to me there is no difference and i can’t justify the $500 difference.

I agree. The batteries in my lightspeeds last so long that I will probably just use oil changes as a reminder to change the batteries. With a strip of velcro on the side of the battery box it stays neatly attached to the side of the map box.

Talk about pressure! [:D]

It will be at least a couple of weeks before I can start shipping these, but hang in there!


That’s the only gripe I have with the Bose X headsets: They go through batteries like toilet paper. For that reason, if you have or will get the Bose, either get M&M’s adapter (coming to K-Mart soon) or get the aircraft-powered ones and get the connectors installed/modified.

The thing that I really like about the Bose is that they are so light. I flew with David Clark brain crushers for 25 years and I have a head shaped like an hourglass to prove it!

My wife had another way of characterizing the David Clark effect:

Your wife looks awfully young :slight_smile:

Which one is Gordon’s wife?

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Which one is Gordon’s wife?

Depends on what time of the month it is.

"My dear Watson, from the above post, we can deduce one of two things:

  1. Either Gordon’s wife has an excellent sense of humor,


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  1. Gordon has a death wish.

Fortunately, answer #1 is correct, as she’s standing next to me laughing right now. (Now, if this had been “that” time of the month…)

OW! Honey - just kidding!!!