Heading Sync on Avidyne PFD

Has anyone had a problem with the heading sync working on the PFD? Mine works intermittently, and there does not appear to be any particular pattern to when it decides to work.

Every time this has happened to me, I had recently adjusted the ALT preset, VS preset or BARO, and neglected to press the HEADING button. After any settings, I try to treat the HEADING button as an enter key, but sometimes I forget, often resulting in a setting mess. The Sync will not work if the PFD is in one of the three other setting modes. Could this be it?

THE John Hiatt?

John Hiatt

If so, Karen and I really enjoyed your recent show in Maryville, TN!

I wish it was that - but I did make sure that I had hit the heading button first. That said, I have made that mistake in the past!

I guess I would say I am A John Hiatt, but not THAT one. The closest I have come to him is knowing someone who goes to church with him. While I am younger than he is, he was not yet a semi-famous singer when I was born, so I don’t think my parents named me after him!