"Grilling Out" recipes at the Hangar

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I’m putting together a group of recipes for grilling out at the hangar. Please submit your favorites. I’ve gathered three other recipes from our www.Beechtalk.com counterparts.

Here they are and please add your recipe to the group.


“I like to throw boneless Chicken breast in a big Zip lock bag with honey, lemon and Sriracha (Heavy pour on all). Gets a great color and texture.”



    • Crunchy peanut butter
    • Freshly cooked bacon chopped into small pieces
    • Chopped Jalapeños
    • Pepper Jack Cheese (cut into very small cubes)
    • Ground Beef
      Each hamburger patty will consist of two, thin hamburger patties. Mix crunchy peanut butter, bacon pieces, chopped jalapeños, and cubed pepper jack cheese in a bowl. Scoop out a golf-ball sized portion of the “batter” and place it on one of the thin hamburger patties. Take the other patty and lay it over the other patty and the “batter.” Lightly pinch the two patties together to seal the mixture inside the burger. You may want to press the patty flatter before grilling.

Note - Mix proportions to whatever you want."


I smoke these hamburgers on a SmokinTex smoker with apple wood. You could easily do this as well on a grill.

Season meat with Montreal Steak seasoning, smoke/grill until done
Add Monterey Jack cheese
Top with buttered mushrooms
Add BBQ sauce and crispy bacon
Finish on grilled buttered bun*

*If eating low carb, it’s really good without the bun

Thanks all!

No wonder obesity is so widespread in the US. [:O]

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms.

Wash them well and dry with paper towel to get out the excess moisture.

On a ziplock bag put

Olive oil
Fine chopped garlic
Balsamic Vinegar
Oregano and other seasoning you might like.

Place the mushrooms without cutting them into the bag and let it marinate for few hours.

Place them on a very hot BBQ grill 2 to 3 minutes each side. Just before you pull them out, put shredded provolone cheese in the middle. Let the cheese bubble and pull it out.

Let it sit for couple of minutes before cutting them.



I have a fond place in my heart for Mushrooms. I’ll definitely include this recipe in my list…

Anyone else have any more recipes??? Bring them on. I’m finalizing my collection of recipes.

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