Over the past few months I have noticed a distinct change in the tone of the Forums…The posts run the gamut from informative to down right hissy…Some of you need to get a grip… I was an early owner of an IBM PC in 1982 and suffered every breakdown and frustration imaginable as I transitioned from no tech to low tech…It was worth it then and it is worth it now…

I picked up 344CD ('22) 30 days ago and did my acceptance flite in a blizzard with Luke Lyson, Cirrus Pilot and all around good egg, in hard IMC. Flew it home that nite to do the training with Luke over the next 3 days…Over the past week my squawk list is: Ldg Light voltage reg(xwind nite ldgs are now a “zen-like experience”), bad Flash card on the Avidyne, no terrain features, cracked oil cooler, and a mild vibration…2 days with Mazzante’s most excellent crew at LNS will do the trick, but the bottom line is this: My '22 has allowed me to work 180 road miles from my home get there in 25 minutes…It has enhanced my life and I look at it’s growth issues differently than most…Alan and Dale took a huge risk to bring these planes to market…The easiest spot to own is the one that requires no change, no “leaps of faith”…I knew when I sent my check that I was back in 1982 with IBM…It worked out then and it will work out now…The problems we face as the fleet grows will benefit those that follow and at the same time allow us to get to know our bird’s all the more…Funny, I never think of my squawks as I am climbing at 2000 fpm…


Nice post, and I could not agree more. Although I have also had squawks with my 22 (including 4 oil cooler replacements for the same crack that Jim Mazzante found on your airplane), it is still so far beyond my expectations, I continue to be amazed. I had a meeting in NY last week, left the office at 10, picked up a coworker in northern MD at 0W3, had a business lunch just outside of NYC, flew back to MD and dropped off my associate, and was back on the ground in York, PA at 3:30PM…whodathunkit??..If I would have driven, I would have spent 8 hours in the car…plus it just makes me damn happy:))…yep, having a few problems but love my Cirrus!!

BTW, I also trained with Luke last December…what a top notch instructor and just a genuinely nice guy! Cirrus did well by getting Luke from Wings Aloft!


IMHO, very well said.

Bravo… I completely agree!

Add my name to the list of Luke Lysen’s satisfied customers. He accompanied Glenn B. and I from Duluth back to Santa Barbara in January (I know, I know… it broke Luke’s heart to have to leave northern Minnesota in the dead of winter). He also gave my wife Caroline some"pinch-hitter" instruction. Luke did such a great job that Caroline wishes that he could have stayed longer!
Luke and his fellow Cirrus CFIs are all class acts. Hats off to Cirrus for recruiting such a great bunch of pilots!

I agree I was his first student in Duluth and we had a good training. They had another instructer ride in the back to watch us he was great also and still with Cirrus. I cant remember his name thin fellow. Has A black leather sorry buddy the meemery cells are overloaded. you know over 50 burnout. From Don

Luke, The Force is with you.

not to mention the fact that Luke was a good beer-drinking companion on all those *#&dam frozen nights.

His name is John Fiscus, and he’s wonderful. I’ve had 220 safe SR20 flying hours subsequent to his instruction.

Seems like heads you win, tails you win.


That Luke Lyson is one of the best CFII’s I have ever flown with. We flew through some pretty hard core IMC. Thanks for the memories Luke. It’s good to be home where there’s more white stuff on my shoulders than outside.