GPSsimcable for IPAD

Well I could not find a solution to this problem so I came up with one of my own. Finally a way for flight simulation enthusiasts to use their favorite charting and moving map application on the IPAD with full access to the internet for real time weather and briefing updates! Use your geo- referenced approach charts to follow and execute your GPS and ILS approaches to perfection. Track your position in real time using the GPSsimcable using your favorite IPAD charting application. GPSsimcable is compatible with any location-aware apps. PilotEdge users can take their flying to the next level by using the GPSsimcable to track their position while they are on the network. (Subscription to Pilotedge is optional and does not affect the operation of the GPSsimcable with other applications)

The GPSsimcable makes this all possible for a small investment of $55.00. Compatible with Microsoft Flight simulator 2004 FSX, X-Plane 9 and 10 Microsoft windows addition.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator for FS98/FS2000/FS2002 FSX requires additional program.
  • X-Plane 9 or version 10 Windows addition.
  • RS232 serial interface or USB to RS232 serial interface
  • Null Modem DB9 female to female adapter
  • Compatible with any location-aware applications

That’s slick John, good job.

Are you based at KWJF?

Hi John,

I’ve been looking at the GPSSIMCABLE since I use X-Plane and Foreflight and would like to connect them together. My state of the art computer does not have a serial port, only USBs. Can you recommend a USB to Serial port adapter that would work with this cable?



Walt I have the USB cable on my website if you like to order a package with the cable or you can order the cable some were else if you like. Any USB to RS232 adapter should work but I did test the ones that I have available with the GPSsimcable.

Best regards

John Car

I was based at KAKH


Thanks. Dumb question. Unless there some electronic manipulation going on in your GPSSIMCABLE, why doesn’t the USB cable that comes with the iPAD work?