GPS for your iPad EFB!

Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver for iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The Ideal GPS for your iPad EFB! XGPS150 GPS Receiver is easy to set up and provides global GPS info to EFB apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.This WAAS GPS works great in the cockpit and includes a non-slip holder to keep it in place during flight. I found mine at

Andrea: I got one of this and it works great!

I like the Bad Elf you don’t have to worry about charging it…Ed

Ed: The Bad Elf is fine. But my concern is that it has to go where the iPad goes and there are folks who have broken it off the connector to the iPad. I like the idea of sticking the GPS way up on the dash where signal recpetion is optimal and you can then place your iPad or other device anywhere you please.

Recharging the DUAL can be done from any USB port on a computer or with the cigarette lighter adapter and takes about a half hour to charge. The internal battery lasts at least 8 hours. So it is hard to imagine that battery life would be a problem with the DUAL.

Ed…I had the same concern regarding the connection of the Bad Elf to the iPad. Bad Elf is definitely a fine product but I’m a klutz so would be in that group that would break it off. Due to my butterfingers, I’d just assume keep the potential for disaster down [;)] I like the ability to place it on the glareshield, dash of my car, or even strap it to my arm when I go out hiking on the trails. I’ve been using it for all sorts of apps outside of the cockpit with both my iPad and iPod Touch.

Happy Flying!! Enjoy the weekend.


I am waiting for my DUAL to arrive early next week but haven’t had the time to pull up the manual. Do you know if you can power it during operation from the USB port?



Yes, you can power it at any time when turned on or off. It is a mini USB connection on the DUAL and a standard USB connection to your charging device. There are so many USB/DC power chargers now that you have a lot of charging options. It comes with the type of DC (cigarette lighter) adapter that allows you to plug the USB connector right into it. So one USB connector works on a DC slot or a standard USB port on a computer.


Thanks. It sounds like there may be some interesting options for powering the unit while in use in the plane. For those of us that like very clean integrated setups you could in theory install it under the glare shield (like some of the 430’s antennas are) while connected to the avionics power bus (power adapter required to make 5V for the USB connector from 24V). I wonder how hard it would be to get something like that approved? Maybe not worth the effort and it would dedicate the unit to the plane but it is an appealing option to me as I rely on my iPad more and more.


Todd: I do not think that will work as the power button for the DUAL is right on top of the unit. If you buried it you would not be able to turn it on. It really is designed to be a portable device only.

But it comes with a rubber pad that sticks to the glareshield anywhere you want. Being Bluetooth there are no wires. It has an 8 hour battery life so no need to have to charge it in flight. But if you need to do so it would be one wire from the unit to the console DC jack.