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Well the 330 is in our 22 and it is awesome. I will have details in a day or two due to time constraints. It fits with no major alterations. They switch the a/p and the transponder. Looks better to me to have all the garmin equipment together.Total cost $5400.00 with trade in of 327. Two days to complete. Installed by Del Monte in monterey who now also has a aviation shop in fresno…Ed

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Well the 330 is in our 22 and it is awesome.

Does the traffic display on the Avidyne (if yo have one)?

Good for you !

I hope Cirrus Design will equip my april 2003 SR20 also with one,

or I should head to Monterey myself. But this of course would be a shame for C.D. to have a brand new transponder removed just because C.D. will not respond to customer requests and ‘foreign regulations’.

Ed, can you please give me the phone nr. already ?


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Ed how is going for you with the 330? Does it let you know when you are not in acovered area? Was it true you lose the timer that we have on the 427. Was that price including sales tax. Thanks from Don

Could you post a picture thanks from Don

It will not show on the avidyne or the arnav. It’s a software thing. Rumor has it it will stay that way because garmin is getting in the big map market…Ed

It looks just like the 327. You really have to look to see the 330 logo…Ed

I just thought it would be nice to see how it looks in the 22 panel. Also should fit in the 20 just as well. Looking forward to a pilot report on this I think Iwould like to get it asap. from Don


I did a quick look online and in AOPA’s directory. Some contact info:



I was working on contacting them myself. I am going to be there anyway in mid July, might have the conversion done while I am vacationing at world superbike races at Laguna Seca raceway. You will beat me there by about 3 months, let me know how yours goes.


I just looked at the user’s guide for the Garmin GTX 330 (go to, and it says that the flight timer is still there as in the GTX 327.


Avionicswest has a fairly detailed description of the 330’s operation and features:

I have had a 330 in my 260se for the last 6 weeks and I assure you it has a flight timer, the other 327 functions, plus a few more in addition to TIS.

Thanks for the lead. I did read it and very good. That is the artical by avionics west. Ed you said they had to swicth out the 55 to put it in the transponder spot. Is that a big deal. Mine is perfect dont want to upset it by making it leave the nest. From Don

Thanks Roger,

I still have faith in Cirrus Design that they will meet my delivery date with an update to my plane to the mandatory (but no TIS [:(]) European Mode S transponder , but otherwise I have to go to Delmonte.

I hope to show you the 330 thereafter in person [:)]


Not sure how many of you have the same configuration I do, but I have a 430 and a 250, and plenty of room in the panel.

Since Avidyne and Garmin have no inclination to design interoperability in this regard (according to the Av and Gar reps I spoke to, at least), it occured to me that I have room to switch out the 430 with a 530 so that I would have a much larger screen to display traffic upon installing the 330.

A call to my avionic shop led me to believe that this would cost an additional $3700 or so, plus labor. Hmm, that seems a bit excessive for an extra inch of display.

Do you feel that you get enough visual information out of the display on the 430?

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Marty, I’ve flown other airplanes with the 530. The display is MUCH nicer than the 430. That said, with the MFD in the Cirrus the 530 is, I think, overkill. You can get all the information you need on the MFD. With Mode S where apparently the traffic will only display on the Garmin I think the display would be adequate with the 430. After all, you can just show traffic if you want and have virtually everything else on the MFD. I think there would be better ways to spend $4000+

I think you are right, and there are many better ways to spend 4k, when, as you guessed, the only thing I would really display there that I couldnt get on the Avidyne is the traffic. Hell, for 4k I could probably find some tech at Avidyne to write a display driver : )

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I’d like to get in touch with you. Would you please email me?


Mike (

email sent! by the way

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