I have a SR 22 and wondering whether anyone has experience with installing GAMIjectors. TCM’s tuned induction on the 550N is supposedly designed to insure balanced fuel delivery. GAMI states that in their test of this engine some units are “balanced” while others have benefited from installation of GAMIs. (They advise that if your engine is “balanced” to maintain this be sure when removing injectors to mark them and return to the same cylinder).

GAMI’s criteria is for all cylinders to reach peak within .5 to .7 change in fuel flow thus ensuring that each cylinder is generating about the same horsepower. They mentioned finding some 550Ns that are 1.5 gal/hr and greater. So the engines coming from TCM can very.

Any views on this?

(I have 225 hours on my 22 and it’s fabulous. Some early bugs but now just runs and runs. Agree with others who have been highly complimentary about Cirrus service commitment. Joined a friend last week in his 22 for a flight across the USA. Cann’t think of any other comparable GA aircraft that would have been anywhere near as comfortable.

Craig Wiggins N2354B

It’s fairly straightforward to ascertain whether GAMI’s will help your engine. All you need is a multiprobe CHT/EGT. preferably with digital readout. The GAMI procedure outlined in their instructions will give you the answer. I’ve had GAMI’s in my Lycoming for four years. The Continentals are a lot less likely to benefit, but some do. There was a substantial decrease in vibration when I added them. They enabled me to fly LOP with a smooth engine. I have about 500 hrs of LOP operation now. I’ve not had any problems that I can blame on LOP. ( Of course 500 hrs is not enough time to reach a sound conclusion. LOP and valve blowby are a bad combination and my yet show up as a problem for me. )Clark Jernigan