from France to Senegal

Hello from N8163P IFR Cirrus SR20 based at LFPN (Toussus le Noble near Paris, FRANCE),

My owner, Patrick, dreams that we take a trip to Africa from October 19 to November 3, crossing France, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, maybe resting a few days either in Guinea Bissau or at Cape Skirring.

This VFR trip is organised by our close friend Philippe Chastan (Cirrus SR22), a retired surgeon, who already travelled 11 times to Africa and travelled to LONGYEARBYEN Airport SPITZBERG last year.

The aim of the trip is to enjoy ourselves and to bring drugs to Senegal.

About 36 flight hours to share on the Saint Exupery path.

4 or 5 aircraftS will fly along

My co-owner, Régis, and all our pals are tied up by either their job or their family, and I am looking for a cool Cirrus pilot to come along with Patrick.

Details of my equipment, of the trip are available on request.

My pilot, Patrick, 64, is FAA IFR rated and took trips to Moscow and St Petersbourg ( Mooney), ex-Yougoslavia, Morocco (this july with N8163P), Spitzberg (SR22), Montreal from Paris ( Mooney).

do not hesitate to contact him (me :slight_smile: )

see you soon


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