Free upgrade for GTN 650/750 to Xi status

I have a program on LancairTalk for owners of new or newish GTN 650 or 750 units that want a free upgrade to Xi status. The program has already done about a dozen GTNs on LancairTalk and BeechTalk and VAF and I’m extending this to Cirrus owners also. We put your GTN in the hands of owners who are in distress as a result of the Xi delivery delays and give you an order for a new Xi to be delivered in 18-24 weeks with new Garmin warranty delivered by a Garmin dealer.

Obviously, you need to be able to go without or maybe you have a spare or possibly want to upgrade the panel anyway. Many of our donors on LancairTalk aren’t finished their airplane and can wait for the Xi.

Please contact me for details if interested. All references and prior parties available for confirmation. This is only possible because of the delays for Xi units and it won’t last. Sarasota was charging $4800 to upgrade a 750 in November 2021 and I’m doing it for free now. You’ll get SmartGlide, faster processor, better screen and many more GTN upgrades. It is a no-brainer if you can part with the unit.

Is it worth waiting for 6 months? You decide.

Paul Miller

Interesting program.

I have a GTN 750 / 650 setup that NexAir installed in December 2019, and which I love. Of course, my timing was a bit off since my install was just before the Xi units were released to the market by Garmin.

If I were willing to give up one of my two radios, would my local Garmin dealer (at KPTK) install the Xi, with all current software mods, and prepare the logbook entry also at no charge?

Would Garmin guarantee delivery of the GTN will not exceed the 18 - 24 week period?